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Amatrium Materials can predict a material’s properties based on its chemistry and thermo-mechanical history. Unlike conventional material databases, where complete datasets are rare or non-existent, Amatrium Materials provides users with complete datasets, enabling the use of existing or new materials in targeted applications or simulations for new applications.

Solve the most complex materials science challenges of tomorrow.

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How it works

We gather materials science knowledge from expert sources across the world, and develop sophisticated algorithms and models, using state-of-the-art data science to extract patterns and correlations. We then 'visualize' such information in multiple dimensions, in more ways than what our human brain is capable of. With that capability at your fingertips, you will become a superhuman at work!

Material formulas

It often takes years and millions of dollars to develop a new material. Even then, it might not be commercialize-able due to market conditions. Amatrium Materials can predict material ‘recipes’ based on targeted properties, saving both time and cost on development. Our platform can also predict the maximum feasible properties of any material family, based on the current state-of-the-art materials science knowledge. This enables sound decision-making during both the project planning phase and the material development cycle.

Materials selector

With constant new demands from in-time and on-demand manufacturing, the world needs a better, faster, and more robust tool to select materials for emerging applications. Amatrium Materials allows users to select the right material via natural language processing. The selection process now takes seconds rather than hours or even days, a crucial advantage for time-sensitive projects.

Material analysis

Amatrium Materials can generate a comprehensive material and market analysis based on the desired input properties. It can compare an existing or newly developed material against its peers. The software gives users a 360° view of the market from performance ranking, cost analysis, potential applications, to customers and competitors for every material – a powerful tool for both R&D and sales & marketing staff who must develop and/or commercialize the material.

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